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Based in the USA, we create ready-made units. We have a showroom in downtown Orlando, Florida that provides free wig installations with our PSHB unit purchase.

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We Have 10 Years Of Experience

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Katia Baker, the Owner of Phive Star Hair Boutique, has always strived only to provide high-quality products.

In 2014, Katia Baker attended The Aveda Institute in south Florida, completing a 13-month cosmetology program. In 2015, Phive Star Hair Boutique was created and in 2017 Katia opened her 1st business in the comfort of her own home. Slowly but surely, Katia Baker outgrew her home business and opened her first storefront in downtown Orlando, Florida on August 1st, 2020.

COVID didn't break us; It made us; even through these challenging times, Katia Baker still made it possible to supply high-quality products and shipping on time to customers worldwide during significant lace storage.

Provided Our Services

You have been wearing your wigs every day, and it's probably in the same style that you took out of the box. But, now your curls have dropped, and your wig could use a little TLC! Even with all of the tutorials on how to give your wig life again, it's just not your cup of tea. That is not a problem; we have designed a solution to provide wig care for our customers worldwide.

Luxe Wig Spa

Essential Wig Care services. Shampoo, Hydration treatment, and restyling services.

Luxe Repair

Have a Balding wig? or maybe even a rip or tear in your lace. Here's a solution!

Luxe Color

Looking for color services for your wigs? We've created a service menu with a variety of color techniques used to develop different looks.

Luxe Packages

We offer package deals for customers who have multiple wigs they'd like to send in for maintenance.

Products Our

Here's a look at our latest products made and ready for shipping.