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“This never feels like a job to me. I clock in on my watch and give life to every wig we make. On top of that, when you’re happy and love what you do, you become a magnet to people of the same energy, and life just seems so much easier.”

In 2014 Katia Baker enrolled in The Aveda Institute, completing a 13-month cosmetology program in 2015. In 2017, just eight months after having her first child, she openedher first home business.

For three years, she serviced clients from her home, creating a clientele of 400 people. Booked day in and day, COVID put a stop to all stylists all over. The State told us to shut down, supplies became extremely limited to access, and borders shut down, making it almost impossible to provide products.

That didn't stop us! We continued to provide high-quality products to our customers. To this day, we only offer raw Indian hair, which is collected from hair Temples of India

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Why Does Quality Matter?

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Throughout Katia's years in the hair industry, she has experienced the best and worst quality hair.

From testing hair that can withhold a vigorous amount of heat and obtain excessive amounts of color processes to hair that has broken her body out in rashes, shes learned that quality matters. It's more than the look and feels but durability and manageability. Working with India's best manufactures, we've learned that raw, unprocessed hair is the best way to go for a long-lasting unit.

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We only offer 100 % Raw, cuticle aligned unprocessed Human hair.

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Our hair is collected and shipped directly from India. We work with some of India's best hair manufacturers to supply us with only natural, unprocessed hair for our customers.

Our premade units are ready to ship and the same day or the next business day.

100% Human Hair units made for everyday wear. We provide free installs complementary to the purchase of a PSHB unit. It's not just the wig but it's the beauty in the experience that awaits.

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