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20% Off Wigs

We offer all members 20% off on custom units & Premade Units. This gives our members a great advantage as we will not offer discounts or sales 2021. We provide high end products to our customers. However we do offer loyalty rewards points to our buyers that can be built through purchasing,

10% Off Wig Care Products

Products made just for wigs! We understand the importance of maintenance and strive for great quality products that can continue to sustain your wigs & Extensions life span.

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Join our community! Become a member today to be apart of our growing community! We want your opinions on products and new launches! We want to listen to your needs that can potentially help so many more customers and PSHB.

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Join our community and help us make a change.

Join Our Members Community

We want to hear your thoughts on our care products and New launches.

1 year Membership

Our one year membership is also a trial for our brand. The price may not be the same 2022 as we progress and create better options and offers through out the year of 2021. We'll decide at the end of 2021 if we will continue our membership club.

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