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Phive Star Hair Boutique offers various wig maintenance services, and one of our MOST POPULAR services is repairs.

Did you know that lace damage is a common issue? Minor or drastic, a majority of wig wearers have experienced at least one following image.

That's Right! Rips, Tears, Holes, Balding frontal/closure, over-processed knots are common issues.It's okay! We have solutions! Our highly skilled team are trained in wig cap reconstructing, ventilating, minor and major repairs. Luxe Repair is a highly recommended option to add insurance to your unit's longevity.

Click the button below for online and in-store wig servicing. Not local? No problem. You can ship it to our store location, and we will provide the service.

Luxe Wig Repair

Don’t throw out your bad wigs! Save your wig today! We repair damaged wigs saving wig wearers thousands a year with our wig maintenance services.

Luxe Wig Repair

  • Hole / Tear Repair $100

    Mistakes happen and we are here to fix them, we can easily patch up holes that are made in lace and then refill the missing strands of hair, by using our ventilating techniques as if it was never there. Wash & Styling NOT included. Holes larger than a quarter will be an additional $50

  • Fill In "Ventilating" $50 per hour

    We ventilate to fill in missing strands of hair that can appear through out time of wearing lace wigs. This is very tedious, and the prices varies depending on the size.

  • Elastic Band Replacement $40

    We supply high-quality nylon elastic bands that give our clients a firm and comfortable grip when used correctly. Our flexible wig bands are adjustable.

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