Princess Ponytail 5x5



Raw Indian 
2-3 Years with Proper Care 




Wrap around ponytail extender. 

This is is a great extension to add to your natural ponytail for more length and extra volume.

How to apply:


  • Using your favorite products, slick your natural hair back in to a sleek ponytail.
  • We recommend that you avoid putting your hair in a bun for straight textures when applying our ponytail, you want to use your natural hair as a base. let your natural hair loose in a ponytail hanging down.
  • Use the comb attached inside the ponytail as a latch when installing. 
  • Wrap the extra hair that is on the hair piece to cover wefts and create a sleek wrap around the ponytail. 
  • Use a bobby pin and hair spray for security.